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Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee

Posted by Chantelle Hicks on September 10, 2019

       The students affirmed renewing the fee by ballot measure in March of 2019 (see results below) and SFAC has already finalized their recommendation that the fee continue at the same level.  That recommendation will officially go to the VCSA this fall (October) with all other FY21 fee recommendations. 



Do you recommend the renewal of the Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee, collected each fall, spring, and summer semester, for up to four years beginning July 1, 2020 and ending no later than June 30, 2024?

Yes         4217                       69.2%

No         1874                       30.8%

              (This is of a total of 6,091 votes)


Explanatory Statement

      The Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee is used to fund bike-related projects at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Use of the funds includes but is not limited to improving bike infrastructure, expanding bike parking, creating safety courses and materials for bike encouragement and education, and creating a bike storage program. The funds are managed by Facilities & Services, whose annual budget for the fee is approved by the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). The amount of the fee, currently $1.00 each fall, spring, and summer semester, is subject to review by SFAC and approval by the University administration and Board of Trustees. As a student-initiated fee, this fee is subject to a review by student referendum at least once every four years. The next referendum on this fee will be in spring 2023.