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Projects Updates for Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee

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  1. Discussion about reporting Bike Fee funding - June 12, 2024

    Michael McKelvey and Sarthak Prasad met to continue discussing how to report Bike Fee funding in the iCAP Portal.


    After much discussion of ways to record and display the Bike Fee funding information, we decided the best course of action may be to not build out this funding tracking feature in the iCAP Portal at all. We may be best served by simply uploading an Excel file with all this information. The latest funding info spreadsheet can be added to the Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee project each year, as well as a Project Update associated with the various impacted projects.


    Discuss this decision with Morgan to see if she agrees with this path forward.

  2. Discussion about reporting Bike Fee funding - April 15, 2024

    Michael McKelvey and Sarthak Prasad met to discuss how to report Bike Fee funding in the iCAP Portal. The Bike Fee and SSC are currently the only student-initiated fees to report, but we should consider the possibility that new sustainability-related fees will need to be reported in the future as well.


    Two options came out of our discussion:

    1. Use the existing funding structure which was created early on in the iCAP Portal's development but isn't currently used. This structure requires entering each line item separately, which is powerful but laborious
    2. Implement a new, simplified funding structure which allows a single entry per year for each type of allocation, but wouldn't allow individual line items for each expenditure within a category. This option is simpler, but less granular.


    • Michael will implement the new, simplified funding structure on a dev site so Sarthak can test both options and compare them.
  3. Bike Fee Referendum Results

    On Apr 1, 2023 Jack Reicherts sent the following email and attachment to Sarthak Prasad:

    Hi Sarthak,

    I found out that referenda results came out, so I thought I’d share them in case you hadn’t seen! Overall, pretty good! The next group of folks can certainly make a case for increase and renewal with this!


    Attached Files: 
  4. Bike Fee Renewal and Increase Referenda Follow-up


    During this election, I have been working to include referenda supporting the renewal and increase of the bike fee on the ballot for Facilities and Services. F&S has administered this fee since the student who initiated it graduated, so I haven't been directly involved with the fee itself outside of my interactions with SSC. I understand that Brian Farber has submitted the renewal referendum, but I'm still unsure about what's required to include the increase. Alex Sune suggested that I could get it added directly to the ballot by emailing you all because of the nature of the referendum question and that it might not be necessary to pass a resolution or collect signatures. I wasn't able to attend the ISG meeting where the resolution was supposed to be passed, and there may have been more contention than expected. I'm unsure whether the resolution passed, but we're in a difficult situation with the deadline approaching. Please let me know if we can do anything to make this happen or if you need more information.

    Best regards,
    Jack Reicherts


    Hi Jack,


    Thank you for looping me into this communication.


    Ben, for context, Jack approached ISG to submit a referendum question relative to the current Bike Fee renewal question. I shared with him that it might be helpful to reach out and ask if it is possible to add a second question about increasing the fee, given the primary renewal question is already on the ballot. If this were a non-renewal year, I would suggest he follow the process of collecting signatures or soliciting ISG to place the question on the referendum.


    With Illini Pride,




    Hi all!


    Thank you for reaching out! Based on the Election Code and the procedures we followed last year for the renewal and increase of the SSC Fees, only renewals are eligible for automatic placement on the ballot. Last year, the CET and SCEF fees were up for renewal, at that time, SSC also wanted to increase those fees. While the renewal questions were automatically placed on the ballot, the questions regarding increasing the fees were passed by ISG and then placed on the ballot. Since this is the same renewal year scenario with the Bike Fee, I would say that in order for an increase to be placed on the ballot, it does need to be petitioned for or passed by ISG. I know this is unfortunate given the slim timeline, but given the similarity to the increases and renewals last year, the same rules apply.


    Let me know your thoughts and if you have any additional questions or concerns.


    Benjamin Sell


    Hi there,


    This might be a better question for SFAC, but do you know if it will be possible to pursue an increase during a non-renewal year? Unfortunately, it sounds like ISG had some concerns about putting the fee increase on the ballot, but I think it’s worth pursuing in the long run even if it’s not possible this year. I recognize that we probably can’t get the petition going this semester, but I do think we’ll have more success next year if we start now!  If you don’t know, I’ll reach out to folks at SFAC and see what they say! In any case, I appreciate you clarifying!





    Hi Jack,


    I believe a fee increase can be pursued any year, including non-renewal years. However, Alex or Gina may have a better idea than me on that.




    Benjamin Sell



  5. Bike Fee potential increase - discussion with SSC

    Sarthak Prasad, Morgan White, and Stacey DeLorenzo met with Jack Reicherts and Lucy Nifong from Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) to discuss a possible increase in the Bike Fee from $1 per semester per student to $3 per semester per student.

    SSC will lead the referenda and seek approval for this increase from the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). Sarthak Prasad has shared the Bike Fee proposals from FY17 to FY24 that were approved by the SFAC as supporting document. Sarthak will also share a possible proposal for FY25 and FY26 with the budget of nearly $250,000 per year.

  6. Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee

           The students affirmed renewing the fee by ballot measure in March of 2019 (see results below) and SFAC has already finalized their recommendation that the fee continue at the same level.  That recommendation will officially go to the VCSA this fall (October) with all other FY21 fee recommendations. 



    Do you recommend the renewal of the Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee, collected each fall, spring, and summer semester, for up to four years beginning July 1, 2020 and ending no later than June 30, 2024?

    Yes         4217                       69.2%

    No         1874                       30.8%

                  (This is of a total of 6,091 votes)


    Explanatory Statement

          The Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee is used to fund bike-related projects at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Use of the funds includes but is not limited to improving bike infrastructure, expanding bike parking, creating safety courses and materials for bike encouragement and education, and creating a bike storage program. The funds are managed by Facilities & Services, whose annual budget for the fee is approved by the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). The amount of the fee, currently $1.00 each fall, spring, and summer semester, is subject to review by SFAC and approval by the University administration and Board of Trustees. As a student-initiated fee, this fee is subject to a review by student referendum at least once every four years. The next referendum on this fee will be in spring 2023.


  7. Students for Equal Access to Learning (SEAL) Fee Renewal Referenda Questions

    The final version for the student ballot about the renewal of the Bicycle Programs and Infrastructure Fee is attached.  CSEC accepted all of the recommended changes. The goals for this revision are to clearly inform the voter about how the fee will be assessed and spent, to appropriately frame the result of the vote as advisory, and to introduce consistency across other referenda questions on fee renewal.