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Discussion about reporting Bike Fee funding - April 15, 2024

Posted by Michael McKelvey on April 15, 2024

Michael McKelvey and Sarthak Prasad met to discuss how to report Bike Fee funding in the iCAP Portal. The Bike Fee and SSC are currently the only student-initiated fees to report, but we should consider the possibility that new sustainability-related fees will need to be reported in the future as well.


Two options came out of our discussion:

  1. Use the existing funding structure which was created early on in the iCAP Portal's development but isn't currently used. This structure requires entering each line item separately, which is powerful but laborious
  2. Implement a new, simplified funding structure which allows a single entry per year for each type of allocation, but wouldn't allow individual line items for each expenditure within a category. This option is simpler, but less granular.


  • Michael will implement the new, simplified funding structure on a dev site so Sarthak can test both options and compare them.