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Big10 Unplugged

Posted by Morgan White on October 1, 2014

Hello Big10 Unplugged! 

I believe I have everyone on/off the list as requested but we have have any updates or other schools to invite, please let me know. 

I'm hoping to schedule a phone conference after the AASHE conference for a quick check in on this year's Big10 Unplugged challenge. Please use this link: to indicate your availability. Please convert your time to Central Standard Time. 

You do not need to create an account. Just type your first name and click sign in. The click and drag to highlight times you are available. Hopefully scheduling this far in advance will give us at least a 30 minute block of time when everyone is available. Be sure to convert your time to Central Standard Time. 

Sign up for CCN before the deadline on November 7th.  You'll need to be signed up for CCN in order to participate in Big10 Unplugged. 

Attached is our logo. Feel free to use in your communications and promotions. 

Thanks and reach out to me at anytime with questions,