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bike parking review meeting

Posted by Morgan White on June 18, 2013

Stacey DeLorenzo, Amelia Neptune, Morgan Johnston, and Noel Grove met to review the bike parking estimates for this project.  There are a few locations where the pavement is in terrible condition, so we discussed options for handling those locations.  The racks could be installed on rails, or the pavement could be replaced.  There were also a few locations where there are conflicting major projects occuring in the near future.  Stacey will talk to the project managers for those sites to work through the solutions for the bike parking installation.

Additionally, this project includes the installation of one bike fix-it station at Allen Hall.  Amelia began this work and Stacey will take it over now.  Stacey and Amelia will meet with Sean Sullivan in the SSC to provide him with an update.  Noel Grove will provide cost break downs with the pavement work separate from the bike rack installation work.  He will also contact the Iron Workers to discuss options for racks on rails built in-house.