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C4 Climate Coalition Meeting 1/18 Notes

Posted by Quinn Connolly on January 19, 2024

Below are notes from the 1/18 C4 meeting:

Urban heat mapping campaign for CU area. The state climatologist has let Savannah know that the deadline is closing to participate in the heat mapping campaign. This would involve gathering volunteers to do temperature measurements around town. Other folks are working on sign up forms. 

The group discussed possible groups to reach out to in order to gather volunteers. 

Group voted to endorse this iniative. 


Climate action week 2024

Savannah is scheduling the dates. 

We don't want to just have events for eco minded people, we want to expand to people to learn about climate issues. 

Scheduling around other events is difficult as other events have higher traffic. Savannah has asked to be a part of the festival in order to have a hub in the festival in the fall. 


The floor was opened up to anyone who wanted to share their updates or ideas.


Group members advocated for multiple events for people to attend or participate in.