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Call for Eco-Olympics Leaders

Posted by Morgan White on October 26, 2017

Apply to fill one of the EcoOlympics officer roles Now!

Do team building, leadership, networking with campus stakeholders, and preparing for the real world sound like a great way to build your resume. Gain experience and build these business aspects of your portfolio while having fun with your colleagues and making a difference in the world!

                Leadership, team building, communication and business organizational experience with environmentally friendly programs put you at the top of the pack when applying to corporate/academic internships, non-profit organizations, outreach organizations and graduate programs. Participating as an officer is gratifying and fulfills these qualifications, while providing plenty of documented recognition in environmental stewardship and energy conservation.

See file for example of leadership certificate and acknowledgement from Chancellor Jones.

We are currently building this year’s organization team, so join us to develop your portfolio and work together organizing and helping others reach their goals and make a difference in the world, by sending a 75-150 word essay (essentially 2-3 paragraphs) about why being an officer on the EcoOlympics organization team is important to you. Send to and include the position (see list below) you are applying  for in the subject title.

For a closer look:

1) At the competition, visit the iCap description and our website

2) For personal benefits visit housings article highlighting Jessica Mondello’s experience and accomplishments

3) As for fun, games and camraderie check out and join our facebook page 

Now accepting resume’s for the following positions:

Team Members:

·         President- leads the organization team, manages all aspects of the competition

·         Treasurer- manages funding of the competition, sponsors, prizes, marketing materials and promotions

·         Marketing/Publicity Chair- manages the recruiting of participants, marketing events and advertising, coordinates efforts with the     Building Captain Manager

·         Building Captain Chair- communicates and motivates the building captains for each team and collaborates with the Publicity Chair

·         Technical Chair- manages and publishes the technical data, networks with utilities services and building managers to gain access to metering information

See file for time commitment per role.

Resume building, networking and gratifying experience – Preparation for real world
Emphasize the shortness of the commitment for the value gained
There will be guidance, resources, and structure for accomplishing these leadership roles


Thank you

Paul Foote

Think Globally. Act Locally


University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Facilities and Services, Utilities and Energy Services

Energy Conservation and Retro-commissioning

Office: 217-244-1048