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Campus Landscape Master plans, native plant experimentation

Posted by Quinn Connolly on April 26, 2023

Hi Brodie,


I recommend talking with Brent Lewis, the University Landscape Architect (copied here).  Brent, I’m not sure what the discussions have been with the Hartley Garden area at the Arboretum, so feel free to bring us up to speed.


Brodie, I also recommend you come to the Arbor Day Celebration on Friday on the main quad at noon, near Davenport Hall.  We will be planting an Arbor Day tree, and you can talk with both Brent and the Superintendent of Grounds, Ryan Welch.  I’ll be there too.  😊







Thanks for getting back to me - I'll plan to stop by the quad on Friday for a chat with you, Brent, and Ryan.