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CIF Geothermal Exchange Borefield Information Resources

Posted by Kejsi Ago on October 24, 2022

Below is an email from Andrew Stumpf regarding the CIF's Geothermal Exhange Borefield.

From: Stumpf, Andrew J <astumpf at>
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2022 9:39 AM
Subject: Re: CEE190 Instructor meeting


Hi Eric,


Yes. The report is available on IDEALS, so publicly available. Correct, John has been doing further study on the CIF building. He has been working with me on the research… his PhD exam is next Monday, so pretty busy. I’ve only had a brief tour of the mechanicals when it was first built, so I can’t really comment about the system inside. Dr. Tugce Baser in CEE tbaser at I believe received a more detailed tour, so you might want to reach out to her. Here is some information about the mechanicals published for an ASHRAE award the building received.