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comments from Grace Kyung

Posted by Morgan White on October 1, 2014

Hi all, 

Unfortunately, I will not have time to review and offer detailed feedback as things have caught up with me trying to do preliminary work for being out of town for the rest of the week.

Some things I would like us to consider though for our future is:

  • To work closer with parking and thinking of how we can create incentive programs. I thought it’d be a good discussion to have with the Director of Parking or someone else who could help make decisions on this behalf 
  • I believe in order for the Campus Bike Plan to be implemented then there needs to be a Campus Bicycle Coordinator
  • However, if we do want to push for a Campus Bicycle Coordinator then I was thinking we could push for something larger which would encompass this role but instead push for Sustainable Transportation Coordinator. I believe a sustainable transportation coordinator would be beneficial for our university because this will connect all forms of transportation and there is large room for growth in this area of sustainability. I believe this person would be the bridge between transportation and the university in aiding in the completion of our iCAP goals. In addition, be able to push for the Campus Bike Plan, creating better walkability plans, working with MTD, and so forth 
  • I believe for bike sharing program the university should work with community partners like MTD, City of Urbana, City of Champaign, and CUPHD to pull together funding together to fund a community wide bike sharing feasibility study in order to help us implement our campus bike sharing program. In addition, I think it should be discussed if its best to have a bike rental program for students instead of bike sharing and how to best create a departmental bike sharing program

Those are some initial thoughts. I look forward to hearing how the meeting goes. Please let me know if I should clarify anything. I will limited access to email prior to our meeting.