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committee meeting, Job Shadowing discussion

Posted by Morgan White on December 16, 2013

Ed Choklek led a discussion about the Committee moving forward with creating a new Job Shadowing Program for college and university students with USGBC Illinois members in 2014. Tom Shelton shared the results from his Doodle Poll to all Committee members and the preferred months were March, April and October. After some additional discussions, we agreed that late March and October would work best for the campus sustainability professionals since April is a very busy month because of Earth Day activities. Ed Choklek answered questions from several meeting participants based upon their reading and review of information provided on the USGBC Missouri Gateway’s Job Shadowing Program. John Brophy, Paul Matthews and Ed Choklek will meet with USGBC Illinois leadership before our January 20, 2014, Committee Meeting to get approval to move forward with our proposed Job Shadowing Program and to determine resources available from USGBC Illinois to support this new initiative. (Check on using USGBC Illinois Chapter Speakers’ Bureau members and USGBC Illinois Chapter Board of Directors for the 2014 Job Shadowing Program since these groups represent many different business sectors.)

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