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comparison of porous ashpalt and conventional concrete

Posted by Morgan White on June 10, 2013

From: Skaggs, Thomas R
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:58 AM
Subject: RE: Parking lots

Parking Lot Construction Comparisons

  Between September 2011 and August 2012 the Parking Department undertook 2 surface lot construction projects.  Each of the two projects were different by nature but a comparison of the projects demonstrates the following results:

Lot C-9 (Bid Project)

Parking lot C-8 was a project to create a parking area between existing lot C-8 and lot C-9.

  • Permeable asphalt lot built on rock base.
  • Project initiated March 2010, Completed January 2012
  • 2 new lights
  • No planting islands
  • No demolition of existing parking lot
  • 1 connecting walk
  • No curbs
  • Paint stripes
  • Sewer line


70 spaces

Duration of project 22 Months

Surface life expectancy 20 years

Total Final Cost $483,413

Cost per space $6,906


Lot E-15 West (Design and Build In House by F&S)


  • Concrete surface
  • Project initiated May 2012, Completed August 2012
  • Large areas of demolition, removals including curbs, planting islands and old pavement
  • Rebuild rock base
  • Re-wire/new underground service for lights.
  • 2 large concrete planting islands
  • Replacement and expansion of concrete connecting walks
  • Replace large central drive with new concrete drive
  • Remove and rebuild concrete east entrance
  • Paint stripe
  • 4 sewers rebuilt
  • Landscaping in planters and around perimeter

150 spaces

Duration of project 4 months

Surface life expectancy 50+ years

Total Final Cost $198,720

Cost per space $1,325