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Posted by Quinn Connolly on May 1, 2023

That is my vote as well.


My boss approved the Green Sports Alliance membership as well as a plan for recycling in our tailgate lots.  A couple of “wins” I wanted to share.


Tim Knox


Good news


Morgan White


Thanks for the update Morgan, DIA involvement in Green Sports Alliance, that is great news!


Safety & Compliance paid the annual GSA membership fee in October 2022 if needed for reference. If I receive any email reminders from them I will let you know. It would be great if DIA/Tim could also stay in touch when they renew so we know the process is complete.


Also to recap Daphne, Meredith, Colleen and I had a meeting with GSA rep Brad Vogel in October and they were supposed to get back in touch about their Executive Director speaking with the athletic department contact to help explain opportunities & get them involved. I haven’t heard anything more about this, not sure if others did.

Thanks again,