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E-Cargo Bikes for University of Illinois

Posted by Quinn Connolly on July 19, 2023

Good day,


I want to introduce you to a carbon free, sustainable alternative to moving products within and around the University of Illinois campus.  From mail and equipment delivery, to public service “vehicles”, to catering, and landscaping, there are many applications that our E-Cargo bikes can handle when moving products to and fro in the campus environment.


We are the largest manufacturer of commercial E-Cargo bikes in the U.S. 


Coaster Cycles are proudly built in the USA (Montana) and exclusively serve the business-to-business market. Our bikes are battle-tested and have design iterations that are currently working for companies like Amazon, UPS, Fedex, USPS, Canada Post, DoorDash, Tesla, Starbucks, US Military, Reef, Albertsons, Fresh Direct, and more.


Businesses and college campuses are finding that E-Cargo bikes have a lower cost of ownership, lower insurance costs, zero carbon emissions, don’t require a driver’s license, no hassle finding parking, no parking fines, no traffic in the bike lane, eye-catching branding, and show your student body and customers you care about the environment.


More information about our bikes is attached. Also, please feel free to visit for more information. We are currently offering free shipping in the US (lower 48), and we have bikes in-stock. We are also offering a free advertising wrap for any bikes purchased prior to the end of the month. I would love the opportunity to visit if you’d like to jump on a quick call so I can run through our products and help answer any questions.  Let me know what times work best for you or you can reach me at the number below.


Thank you,


Coaster Cycles


Did you ever see this?  old email – sales call.

Morgan White


Hi Morgan,


Thank you for sharing this. I will post this on the iCAP Portal.


I think it would be beneficial to have something like this at F&S and/or on campus. I am thinking about all the events that I have for bicycles or any other sustainability related events (like Arbor Day or Sustainability Celebration), an e-bike with a trailer that can carry a lot of weight would be a great option.


Maybe something like the libraries or the Bike Center would benefit as well. One of my concerns is that we will have to store these in a covered area and the battery charging issue.


I could talk to them as well, if this is something you and Stacey think would be beneficial for us to pursue. Thank you,

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