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Emergency Ride Home program information: Indiana University Bloomington

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on June 12, 2023

Following is some information from Anna Dragovich from Indiana University Bloomington regarding their Emergency Ride Home program:

  • What is the current budget to run this program?
    • It’s not much – maybe $1,000-$2,000/year. I don’t have a set budget – it’s just whatever people use, is what I reimburse. It hasn’t gotten out of hand enough for me to apply any more restrictions than what we already have in place. Surprisingly, not many take advantage of it.
  • I see that you use Chrome River for users to get reimbursement. I seem to recall that your department used to pay for this system. Is this still the case?
    • Yes, this is still the case. We use Chrome River to facilitate that reimbursement. We have the steps outlined here on our website (scroll down a little).
  • How many people are enrolled in this program?
    • ERH is eligible only for people who are enrolled in our commuter program which is about 800.
  • How many people use it?
    • I’ve had only about 10 people use it in the last year.
  • How do you confirm if the users availed this service for a legitimate reason?
    • We have them attest that they used it for legitimate reasons when they submit in Chrome River.
  • Have you evaluated the program recently and whether there is still a desire/demand for ERH now that there are Uber/Lyft and other ride share programs available?
    • We encourage them to use Uber/Lyft and are reimbursing those expenses. A few years ago, they could only use taxi companies in town but with taxi’s going out of business and Uber/Lyft taking their place, we switched.