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energy conservation question from CEE assistant professor

Posted by Quinn Connolly on September 5, 2023



I have seen a number of emails this summer when it gets really hot about energy conservation.


In Newmark (NCEL), the summer time temperatures are kept to ABSURDLY low temperatures. This is absolutely stressing the electrical grid for no reason. 


Graduate students keep winter coats in their offices and sometimes even use space heaters in the summer.


A colleague of mine's student office in NCEL measured a temperature of 58 degrees recently.


Who can we talk to about changing the thermostat? It is ridiculous when it is 100 degrees outside that we are cooling our massive building to such a degree that we need to wear long pants, long sleeves, and coats.






Hello All,


David- Here is something for the control center- in case there are some alarms or setpoints that need adjusting. 

Morgan- Karl has shared this bldg. is in need of deferred maintenance and a large scale upgrades.


Let me know if you have any thing too add when responding to Hannah?



Paul Foote