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EV club meeting

Posted by Morgan White on October 14, 2013

Greetings,        This is a reminder notice that our next meeting of the Illinois EV Club will be this Wednesday, 10-16-2013, at the University YMCA at 6 pm.  (Neither Matt Childress, Cara Day nor I were able to host a meeting last Wednesday because of other committments, so we decided to delay our meeting by a week, until this Wednesday.)   Our format for the meeting will be the usual "Open Discussion" format we've used for recent meetings.  During the meeting, there should be plenty of time for any general-purpose questions and discussion among ourselves about anything having to do with the past, present or future of energy-efficient vehicles, so be sure to bring along with you any questions you may have and /or any ideas you may have come up with for additional projects the club could get involved in.  (Club member Richard told me last week that he hopes to bring along a book on EVs that we should find quite interesting.)               -  David Noreen   -----------------------------------   New members and guests are always welcomed and encouraged to attend our meetings! Please help spread the word about our club by forwarding this message to anyone you know who might be interested in high-mileage-per-gallon (or equivalent) vehicles, whether the vehicles be electrics, hybrids, or whatever, and regardless of how many wheels they may or may not have. Also, please encourage them to check out our “Illinois EV Club” page on Facebook, by simply typing “Illinois EV Club” in Facebook’s search box.   ------------------------------------   Note: Free parking is available (after 5 pm) in the UI lot that's 1 block due west of the YMCA, on the SW corner of Chalmers and Sixth, so that's another option that's available in addition to the on-street, metered parking near the Y. (As long as you don't mind walking that short block on Chalmers after you've parked in the UI lot.) ------------------------------------   More information about the UI’s “Illinois EV Club”:   1.Please feel free to contact Club President Matt Childress [childrss "at the domain"] for further information and / or to be added to our regular mailing list, if you're not already on it.     2. The club has been mentioned in several area newspaper articles that are listed here:   3. On Google Groups, we have an Illinois EV Discussion Group that has its Archive page here:   so you can check out our past activities and some of the interests of our members.    If you'd like to join this discussion group, email our Club President Matt, and he can add you as a member. (See Item #1 above.)   4. If you like, you can also view the following online videos, which feature members of the club:   (i). Here are 2 videos of Club President Matt Childress and his Twike:   (ii). Here’s more information on Matt’s Twike:   (iii). Here’s a video featuring Randy Reisinger discussing the Sugar Rides EV (built by members of the club):     --  You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Illinois EV Club" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to To post to this group, send email to Visit this group at For more options, visit