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Fall 2015 project proposals

Posted by Morgan White on October 12, 2015

There are six projects, as follows:

  1. Hot n Cold: This group is interested in reducing HVAC energy demand through review of occupancy rates for certain buildings.  They are still finalizing the buildings and methods for collecting the data, but it will likely include Newmark Civil Engineering Lab (NCEL) and measure occupancy, temperature, and energy usage. 
  2. Natural Gas for Campus Fleet: This group is interested in studying the potential to run campus vehicles using compressed natural gas obtained from the UC Sanitary District.
  3. Engineering Quad pathways: This group is seeking to study the pathways of students who do not use the Bardeen Quad paved paths.  They believe that the pathways on the Bardeen Quad are not optimal, and they plan to make recommendations for changes.  They will use a video recognition program per one of the engineering faculty, which will count the people during class change times. 
  4. Turf Field Water Fountains: This group believes we need additional drinking water fountains at the turf fields on campus.  They intend to focus on the health aspects of being hydrated and the high occupancy rates of the fields. 
  5. Arboretum rainwater irrigation: This group is interested in proposing a rainwater capture system for the Hartley Gardens. 
  6. Solar Pavement: This group would like to bring Solar Roadways technology to campus.  They plan to recommend a location for installing the solar roadway cells on campus, perhaps as a sidewalk near an engineering area.  They also intend to compare the traditional pavement plans on Green Street through the MCORE project to the Solar technology option.