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Freezer Challenge participants to be recognized at Celebration

Posted by Morgan White on October 22, 2019

Hello 2019 Freezer Challenge Participants, It’s time to celebrate, eat cake, mingle with your peers and be recognized for your efforts supporting the University of Illinois’ second-year running 1st place finish in the International Freezer challenge. Thanks to you for leading sample management and cold-storage best practices, and supporting the University of Illinois' world-class standing.

RSVP today!


Sustainability week is October 21-25th. This year the campus Sustainability Celebration will take place on October 23rd, from 4-6pm in the Levis Faculty Center, Room 300. We will award your Certificate of Leadership in Environmental Stewardship in Sustainable Lab Practices at this celebration and acknowledge your hard work and energy savings this past year at the University of Illinois. 

This celebration also shares exciting environmental initiatives around campus (including the Energy Conservation Incentive Program) and attendees will have the chance to provide input for the 2020 Illinois Climate Plan.


Additionally, you will be acknowledged and invited on stage to be congratulated for your hard work, as well as join in the group photo with the 1st place award from the I2SL conference in Denver, Colorado. (We are hoping it will return in time, if not we will use last years for the photo) 


Please RSVP to this email if you are able to clear your schedule for this celebration and check in with me at the door when you arrive. 

Thank you all again for your incredible performance in this year’s International Freezer Challenge. We could not have won without your hard work and dedication to sustainable labs on campus. 



Madeline Barone

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship Intern | UIUC F&S

President | Eco-Olympics




Madeline Barone

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Class of 2020

Environmental Sustainability and Psychology Majors

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship Intern | UIUC F&S

President | Epsilon Eta Environmental Honors Fraternity

President | Eco-Olympics