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FY14 Energy Consumption Report

Posted by Morgan White on October 20, 2014

Campus Leaders:

Energy conservation continues to be an important initiative in support of the Campus Strategic Plan as well as a critical component for meeting our sustainability commitments in concert with the Illinois Climate Action Plan (ICAP). To give you some scale about our overall energy use, it’s the annual equivalent energy use of over 52,000 homes and that doesn’t include Petascale.

Our conservation programs have been very successful for the campus to date with a 24% Energy Use Intensity Reduction since 2008. Our success has been a campus wide effort through user based conservation efforts and centralized programs like retrocommissioning, lighting retrofits, and Energy Performance Contracting which all require a partnership between F&S and campus units. An initiative that we started last year to reward conservation at the facility level is the Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP). We’ll be announcing the FY14 ECIP winners this Wednesday during the Sustainability Forum at the Illini Union.  

In order to keep you informed about conservation efforts at the unit level, we’ve developed the attached Campus Energy Report. It provides data and trends about your overall energy use for the last four years. It essentially breaks down the 24% number I referenced above by unit. We’re providing this as one more tool to help you communicate with your organization about the results you’re achieving and to support new and ongoing conservation initiatives.

If you or your staff has questions about how this information was developed, details at the facility level, or best practices from other units, you can contact our Energy Services Business Office at (217) 245-4676.

Al Stratman

Executive Director, Facilities & Services