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Geothermal @ CIF Inquiry

Posted by Kejsi Ago on December 23, 2021

John Zhao, PhD. Candidate, reached out to Dr. Stumpf with a question regarding the CIF's geothermal capacity. Specifically, the question was, "The description of this project  says:'The optimized geothermal exchange system will supply the CIF building with approximately 135 tons of heating and cooling capacity, equivalent to almost 65% of the total building energy demand.I am checking if the GSHP only covers the 65% of the building space conditioning, or the heating/cooling account for 65% of the total electricity consumption (considering lighting, and etc.)?"

Dr Stumpf replied explaining that the 135 tons is 65% of the building's energy demand and the GSHPS (ground source heat pump) covers this portion. The GSHPS is primarily used to offset energy for making chilled water since the building is cooling dominated. The other 35% is for electricity (making hot water, running HVAC system, geothermal and water pumps, etc.)

Zhao met with Eric Vetter (in charge of the CIF) and got the following heat pump capacity information:

Manufacturer: ClimaCool Corporation

Cooling Capacity: 141 Ton /  1,692 MBH

Heating Capacity: 2,222 MBH

Electricity Input: At full capacity rated 100.4 - 144.3 kW.