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Illini Lights Out Makes Triumphant Return

Posted by Avery Maris Maloto on November 12, 2021

After more than a yearlong hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, Illini Lights Out (ILO) is back and better than ever.

The popular monthly event, which started in 2016, has averted the equivalent of more than 200 metric tons of carbon dioxide and saved campus more than $28,000.

iSEE Intern Jenna Schaefer scheduled four events for the Fall 2021 semester, and thus far the results speak for themselves.

At the official ILO relaunch in September, 86 Illinois students turned off 2,636 light bulbs in a dozen campus buildings for the weekend, saving 4,547.1 kilowatt hours of energy, 3.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, and $382.41 in energy bills.

And on Oct. 22, more than 185 students turned off 3,266 bulbs in 23 campus buildings, saving more than 5,600 kWh, 4 metric tons of greenhouse gases, and nearly $475 for the weekend.

iSEE has ILOs planned for Nov. 12 and Dec. 3 — and Spring 2022 dates are in the works.

View a feature story and short video on ILO. Or, see the attached file for the iQ Fall 2021 to read this article in its original form.



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