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Information Needed to Establish a Framework for the Project

Posted by Alec McKay on November 4, 2021

The following email was sent by Sterling Laylock to Dhruvaraj Gambhire & Ali Feroz Khan.


We greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet with you today. Please find below the list of information we'll need to establish a detailed framework
for our pilot project and pricing for full approval.


We've also agreed to meet each Thursday at 4:00pm central time which will serve as our weekly meeting. There will be an exception
to next week's meeting which will be held on Wednesday Nov 10th at 4:00pm.


Building Site: Astronomy Building #0300

Weekly Meeting Time: Thursday's 4:00-5:00pm Central

Tasks Prior to Test Date:

  1. Test Site Floor Plan Analysis
  2. Determine Test Site Design
  3. Develop Project Protocols
  4. Establish Sampling Method
  5. Select Sampling Types, Origin Points + Intervals

Tasks Post Test Date:

  • Lab Testing
  • Data Reporting
  • Recommendations
  • Business Case Analysis



Required items are highlighted in BLUE**) [note the color is not displayed on the icap portal, instead the items are starred (**)]

Additional items are necessary, however they can be addressed later in the project timeline.

1.     Please provide PDFs of the full floor plan layout drawings for the entire building. Be sure to include 
square footage for each room and common areas. It is also very important to identify operable windows, if any? ** 
(current/anticipated occupancy assumptions would be helpful)

2.     What are the Astronomy Building's normal hours of operation? **

3.     What is the air filtration rating for the spaces? MERV :: HEPA

4.     Make/Model, age, specs and replacement/upgrade history of the existing HVAC system?

5.     Make/Model and full specifications of the portable air purifiers expected to be used or are
being used in the building.

6.     Please identify all HVAC zones in drawings.

7.     How many air-changes per hour is the HVAC system currently providing?

8.     What are the basic assumptions for outside air intake to aid in dilution/ventilation for all interior spaces.

9.     Please include weather assumptions for heating and cooling the interior spaces along with outdoor temperature and humidity estimates.