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Invitation to collaborate on a presentation

Posted by Morgan White on February 24, 2023


I was contact by some colleagues withy Future Earth – Taipei ( for a potential webinar series.  I suggested them to think about campus sustainability actions as a living laboratory and they are very intrigued by this idea.  They asked me to suggest speakers and I am thinking about Jack, Morgan and Andy.  So, I would like to ask if you are interested.  Some of their previous talk can be found at  All the communications and activities will be between 6pm-11pm CST due to time difference.  I am happy to have more discussion if you are interested.




Ms. Morgan White,

Mr. Jack Reicherts,

Dr. Andrew Stumpf,

Dr. Ping-Yu Change,

Dr. Jui-Pin (Rubin) Tsai,

Dr. Yu-Feng Forrrest Lin,




Yu-Feng F. Lin


    Illinois Water Resources Center

Principal Research Hydrogeologist

    Illinois State Geological Survey

Clinical Professor

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Professor

    Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign