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Kick off meeting

Posted by Morgan White on March 28, 2014

IGBA is reviewing their certification checklist - this is the second version, so creating a 3.0 version.  To add additional credibility to the program they are bringing in outside experts to review the process, look through the checklist, edit it line by line, make suggestions from small changes in wording to large changes like adding, combining the credits, and suggest weighting factors.

  1. create a more streamlined and up to date checklist
  2. create a smaller more focused checklist

There were 9 sections - now there will be 8.  There is a TAG for each section, plus the certification steering committee looking at the broader picture.  Ryan is the staff representative - no voting rights, organize meetings, and conduit between the groups. 

To become certified a business must complete the required credits and 50% of the program in each section that applies to that business (based on operational control).  The goal of the weighted checklist is to incentivize businesses to choose some of the harder items.  For example in energy, you can upgrade your entire HVAC system for one credit or you can add stickers to light switches for one credit.

Hoping to have the review process completed by fall 2014, with a draft by August. Additional members would be nice - especially from a larger transportation area.  This will be all types of transportation, so Morgan suggested Scott Spegel with Amtrak and Ed Barsoti with the League of Illinois Bicyclists.

Ryan will send the existing checklist and transportation assessment.  He will also highlight the items that only a few businesses have used and provide staff information about the questions businesses have asked about existing items.  Please read those docs and make any changes in Word, with track changes turned on.  Next meeting is last Friday in April.