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Landfill gas as an option for renewable gas

Posted by Morgan White on October 12, 2020

Upon inquiry from Morgan White, Mike Larson provided this update:

One additional website that may be of interest is the attached from the EPA.

Landfill gas is the most prevalent form of renewable gas that I am aware of.  I asked Kinect about the use of biogas last year, and at the time they were not aware of anyone producing biogas and injecting it into the gas pipeline.  Most installations that I am aware of are point of use applications.  It costs quite a bit of money to pressurize the natural gas and inject it into the pipeline and the quantities are not huge, so most installations install a generator at the site and use the bio-gas to generate onsite.  I am not an expert in this market by any stretch, but that is my general understanding of how it is used.

I will inquire again from Kinect, but I am not aware of any biogas being available to purchase, and as such I also do not know about the premium to purchase.




Mike Larson

Associate Director of Utilities Production, Facilities and Services