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Low Mow Zones signage inquiry to SWATeam

Posted by Morgan White on January 27, 2017

F&S Director of Sustainability, Morgan Johnston, asked the ALUFS SWATeam for their input regarding the forthcoming "Low Mow Zone" sign updates.  She said, "I would like to talk with you about the “No Mow Zones” on campus and our efforts to better name them as “Low Mow Zones.”  Brent and Ryan Welch are working on updating the locations in a map form and our F&S communicators (primarily Steve Breitwieser) are developing a message about the updated words and locations. 

As part of this effort, we are also going to be updating the signs, and I am hoping to get your help with taking a look at the specific sign locations (once we have the updated map).  We need a volunteer to visit each Low Mow Zone and note the

  • How many signs do we have in the existing locations?
  • Do any of them need to be moved for better visibility?
  • Do any of them need to have taller sign posts?
  • Where should signs be placed in the new zones?"

The SWATeam chair, Brent Lewis, indicated she would be included in the first spring semester meeting.