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Agriculture, Land Use, Food, and Sequestration (ALUFS) SWATeam (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 8/21/2019

    Dear FY19 SWATeam members, As another academic year is about to begin, we want to first thank you for all of your help moving campus toward the goals outlined in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP).

  • 8/12/2019

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for ALUFS005 VetMed Parking, the recommendation was transmitted to Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Lowa Mwilambwe, and Campus Parking Director, Marty Paulins.

Project Family


This SWATeam deals with agriculture, land use, food, and carbon sequestration. It is comprissed of an enthusiastic group of faculty and staff from ACES, University Housing, and Facilities & Services, partnering with eco-conscious students who are focused on assisting the U of I campus in meeting its lofty iCap goals for sustainability. 

Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Valerie Ramirez

    Project Leader:

    Reid Christianson

    Team Members:

    • Art Schmidt
    • Rabin Bhattarai
    • Bruce Branham
    • Brent Lewis
    • Eliana Brown
    • Allen Parrish
    • Jamie Ellis
    • Claire Samojedny
    • Vikram Sudhan Muthuvel
    • Ella Liskiewicz