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Land and Water Recommendations Summary (Ongoing)

Project History

  • 12/15/2022

    Following approval by the iCAP Working Group, Jennifer Fraterrigo, iSEE Associate Director for Campus Sustainability, transmitted the LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed to F&S Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, Ehab Kamarah, on 12/15/

  • 12/8/2022

    The Land and Water iCAP Team submitted the attached LW004 Monarchs Need Milkweed recommendation to the iWG on 12/7/22. The team also submitted a supplemental map (attached) of proposed milkweed locations. The recommendation states as follows:


The recommendations received from the Land and Water SWATeam, with associated iCAP Working Group assessments and follow up materials, are listed below.

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