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ALUFS006 update

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on March 1, 2023

Hi Jennifer,

So on this one, Allen Parrish and I didn’t see eye to eye on this and came to an impasse.  In suggesting more trees, he was concerned about the turning movements of the tractors and having trees eventually growing into the swale area.  I didn’t agree as the aerials looked like there was plenty of room for the tractors to maneuver and still be able to plant.  The swale issue too seemed thin.  Ownership and maintenance of the plantings also didn’t seem like something he wanted to take on.  Like I said, we just came to an impasse and I dropped it.  With Allen being gone, we might have a different conversation with ACES.   I will look talk to Doug Wolters and see if he and I can’t sit down and discuss this again.

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From: Fraterrigo, Jennifer M
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 4:22 PM
To: Lewis, Brent
Cc: White, Morgan
Subject: ALUFS006 update?


Hi Brent,


Hope you are doing well.


It came to my attention recently that the ALUFS006 recommendation to increase agroforestry was approved and transmitted, but there is no further information about implementation. I would appreciate a progress update. Thanks much!




Read more about the ALUFS006 Increased Agroforestry recommendation here.