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March 31, 2017 Meeting

Posted by Joshua Feldman on March 31, 2017


Meeting Minutes 4.3.17

In attendance:

Josh Feldman – SWATeam Clerk

Shuang Chen

Ximing Cai – iSEE director




Due to poor scheduling, several members were not able to show up to the meeting. However, it was a good chance for Shuang Chen, a student who is working to update the iCAP portal objectives, to learn about the group. Also, the new iSEE director Ximing Cai was in attendance, and plans to attend future transportation SWATeam meetings.


Shuang had several questions to ask about the transportation SWATeam’s objectives. Josh answered the questions to the best of his knowledge and also wrote down the questions so that other members of the team could respond via email. Below are the questions.


-          Can you provide a good overview of the bike plan and the fleet objectives?

-          What is the main purpose of the UI fleet? Transportation? Construction?

-          What is the exact amount/percentage of air travel emissions our campus produces?

-          Which objective do you believe is the most important? Which has impressed you the most, or made the most progress?

-          How does our bike plan compare with other universities’ bike plans?


Next meeting: Thursday 4/13 at 1pm