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Meeting about water fountains

Posted by Morgan White on October 1, 2013

Matt Emmert, Jeff Schrader, Morgan Johnston, Amy Liu, and David Mischiu met to discuss the water fountain glass fillers project.  Mark Warner from the F&S plumbing shop was unable to make it due to a scheduling change. 

  • Do not put a spout on a fountain that is scheduled to be replaced.  
  • If two fountains in one location, put a spout only on the shorter fountains.
  • If the water fountain cannot easily be converted, then skip that fountain.

1) Undergrad library.  Put them on the west upper level by elevator, lower level by elevator, espresso royale area, and the upper level east side (inside the library, on carpeted area).  F&S should also replace the one noted fountain, outside of the project funding.

2) Grainger library.  The ones on the first floor are consistently having problems... Just do one per floor, except third floor. F&S should also fix the buttons on the first floor fountains, outside of the project funding.

3) ACES library. First to fourth floor on south side.

4) Main Library.  Put one on both in basement, east and west.  First floor center east.  Third floor north side. Put one on the fourth floor south side, after replacing the fountain. 

Could talk with Sherri Miller at classroom reservations to get high use buildings. Lincoln Hall.  What happens if the spout gets popped off?  Does water shoot out?  

Wohlers, leave off. Leave Natural Resources Building off.

David, Amy, and Morgan will meet with facility contacts for the other buildings.  Loomis, Siebel, Armory.  

Only order the spouts for one building at a time.