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Projects Updates for Reduce Single-Use Plastics

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  1. 7-24-23 Internal Meeting

    On July 24, 2023 UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Bryan Johnson, Pete Varney, Julie Wurth, Steve Breitwieser, Marty Kaufmann, Daphne Hulse

    1. Football
      1. Tailgating
        1. Operation
          1. F&S staples recycling information + map to blue bags
          2. Parking supervisors will hand out the blue bags
          3. 2 dumpsters placed (Lot 31, Lot 32). Blue bags collected here
          4. Grange Grove/entrances to Memorial Stadium: Coca-Cola bins to collect loose bottles and cans
        2. Plan for one of the earlier games (Sep)
        3. Assess how first game went, revise for a later game (Oct/Nov)
        4. Post-season: assess, revise for next season
      2. Communication
        1. DIA gameday emails will include messaging about tailgate recycling
        2. Game script will call out hydration stations
        3. F&S – send campus-wide announcement (as was done for Dump and Run)?
        4. iSEE – newsletter?
      3. To do
        1. F&S scope out where the 2 dumpsters could be placed, confirm with DIA
        2. Determine placement of Coca-Cola bins: DIA recommends the 20 Coca-Cola bins are placed in Grange Grove/on the way into the stadium (portal 1 and 2)
        3. Staff recycling dumpsters to prevent them from becoming trash sites
          1. F&S may have a tent that can be used – check with Safety & Compliance
          2. iSEE does not have a tent
          3. F&S – print banners to hang on dumpsters?
            1. Green dumpster will be marked, ask Shawn Patterson
    2. Welcome Week Lunch
      1. 7 student volunteers gathered + 2 F&S staff
    3. Volunteer / giveaway t-shirts
      1. 200 green volunteer shirts – for Welcome Week, Tailgating, and other small events that may arise
      2. 300 orange giveaway shirts – for Tailgate Recycling
        1. Incentivize tailgaters to drop off their blue recycling bags
    4. Coca-Cola bins
      1. Metal framing is expected to arrive Friday 8/11
      2. Wrap renderings are being finalized, discussing on Wednesday with Jake
    5. iSEE – hydration station map live
      2. iSEE developing a video highlighting campus hydration stations for new student convocation


  2. iSEE filmed hydration station video for New Student Convocation

    On July 19, 2023 Mark Herman, Erin Minor, and Daphne Hulse assisted with filming a video for new student Sights and Sounds. A group of students from the Admissions & Records Building acted and recited lines from the script, encouraging students Be Orange and Go Green. Filming locations centered around hydration stations. The group got to see the new hydration station installed at the East Hall of Memorial Stadium!