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7-19-23 Sustainability Meeting with key DIA contacts

Posted by Daphne Hulse on July 19, 2023

Attendance: Jen Fraterrigo, Daphne Hulse, Marty Kaufmann, Zach Acton, Tim Knox


  1. Quick recap of past accomplishments and opportunities (Jen)
  2. Messaging about bringing reusable bottles into facilities (Jen), internal/external
    1. Zach and Marty commented that they are currently working on their game day website, and they will be updating their messaging regarding water bottles during this process/get an updated image for the clear bag policy.
    2. Tim and Zach are pushing for gate attendance to accurately assess water bottles at games (and work on not refusing the bottles that are accepted according to the policy).
  3. Selling reusable bottles at games/events and status of hydration stations (Jen)
    1. The Soybean Association handed out free water bottles at a game. DIA has no issue with this concept. Usually it is easiest to find a sponsor who can help with the purchasing.
    2. Game Day Spirit is the merchandise company.
    3. Huff Hall - DIA controls only Room 100, so any hydration stations would need to be funded by the state-supported facility.
    4. DIA noted that during softball the Monster water stations were a big hit. The DIA would look into where else the Monsters can be used.
  4. Messaging during games (Jen)
    1. It is easiest to provide content to DIA that can be disseminated with a social media focus, or through the game day script itself.
    2. Hydration stations can be highlighted in the script with a customer service/health & safety focus. It is easier to promote things when they fall under these categories.
    3. In the pre-game emails sent to ticketholders, we can also put content in here (we're not sure how many people really read through all the info provided in these emails, but it is another outlet).
      1. There are thousands of tailgaters who come only for the tailgating and will not attend the game, so they won't see this information necessarily.
    4. Zach noted that during game day press releases, DIA can give call outs to new stuff, so this may be another outlet.
  5. Recycling bins at SFC (Daphne)
    1. Recapped the two zero waste games held at State Farm Center, and the need for recycling on the upper concourse.
    2. The recommendation transmitted from the iWG was originally sent to the DIA, but State Farm Center is owned by both the DIA and Student Affairs (Lowa). Jen noted that the recommendation may need to be sent to Lowa, too.
    3. Marty has monthly meetings with Lowa, and will bring this up for conversation with him.
  6. Tailgating plans (Daphne)
    • How many and which home games to focus on
    • Locations for dumpsters where bags will be collected (2 lots?)
      • DIA expects that walking the bags to the collection sites may be too much of an expectation for tailgaters. We'll have to test it and see.
      • Volunteers picking up blue bags left behind in lots may be good.
      • DIA is concerned that the dumpsters will become general trash piles, unless they are otherwise noted.
        • (F&S will be providing banners for the dumpsters, and all dumpsters will be staffed with volunteers to avoid this pitfall)
    • Confirm that parking lot/gate attendants will hand out blue bags
      • Confirmed. The parking lot supervisors will assist with this task.
    • Locations for 20 bins from Coke for unbagged recyclables
      • North side of Grange Grove is predominantly students, and this would be a great area to place the bins.
      • Portal 1 and Portal 2 on the west side of Memorial Stadium are the busiest entrances for games, so the bins in this area is great, too.
    • Connecting with volunteer groups who clean up after games
      • Did not get to this topic in the conversation, was sent as a follow up in email.
    • Incentivizing volunteer participation
      • Did not get to this topic in the conversation, was sent as a follow up in email.