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7-24-23 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on July 24, 2023

On July 24, 2023 UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

Attendance: Bryan Johnson, Pete Varney, Julie Wurth, Steve Breitwieser, Marty Kaufmann, Daphne Hulse

  1. Football
    1. Tailgating
      1. Operation
        1. F&S staples recycling information + map to blue bags
        2. Parking supervisors will hand out the blue bags
        3. 2 dumpsters placed (Lot 31, Lot 32). Blue bags collected here
        4. Grange Grove/entrances to Memorial Stadium: Coca-Cola bins to collect loose bottles and cans
      2. Plan for one of the earlier games (Sep)
      3. Assess how first game went, revise for a later game (Oct/Nov)
      4. Post-season: assess, revise for next season
    2. Communication
      1. DIA gameday emails will include messaging about tailgate recycling
      2. Game script will call out hydration stations
      3. F&S – send campus-wide announcement (as was done for Dump and Run)?
      4. iSEE – newsletter?
    3. To do
      1. F&S scope out where the 2 dumpsters could be placed, confirm with DIA
      2. Determine placement of Coca-Cola bins: DIA recommends the 20 Coca-Cola bins are placed in Grange Grove/on the way into the stadium (portal 1 and 2)
      3. Staff recycling dumpsters to prevent them from becoming trash sites
        1. F&S may have a tent that can be used – check with Safety & Compliance
        2. iSEE does not have a tent
        3. F&S – print banners to hang on dumpsters?
          1. Green dumpster will be marked, ask Shawn Patterson
  2. Welcome Week Lunch
    1. 7 student volunteers gathered + 2 F&S staff
  3. Volunteer / giveaway t-shirts
    1. 200 green volunteer shirts – for Welcome Week, Tailgating, and other small events that may arise
    2. 300 orange giveaway shirts – for Tailgate Recycling
      1. Incentivize tailgaters to drop off their blue recycling bags
  4. Coca-Cola bins
    1. Metal framing is expected to arrive Friday 8/11
    2. Wrap renderings are being finalized, discussing on Wednesday with Jake
  5. iSEE – hydration station map live
    2. iSEE developing a video highlighting campus hydration stations for new student convocation