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Projects Updates for Welcome Celebration Recycling

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  1. Green rolloff for recycling arrives!

    It's here, it's here, it's finally here. Waste Transfer Station purchased a new green rolloff container specifically for recycling. We expect to use it for tailgate recycling, welcome week, and any other event that produces an excess of recycling or would benefit from a container dedicated to recyclables.

  2. Observations from Welcome Celebration 2023

    Associated Project(s): 


    • DIA deployed all of their blue drums, and it was in excess, compared to the available recycling
    • ~21 bottles and cans bin were deployed
    • 10 volunteers were present, guarding about half of the bins
    • Blue bags were used to line the bins (as opposed to black). This is crucial for Waste Transfer Station operations
    • Dining Services and volunteers of the event assisted with emptying the recycling bins when they were full
    • Bags were tied and placed into the roll-off container at the end of Lot 31
    • At the end of the event (about an hour later) volunteers tied bags and rounded up all of the bins, placing them near the roll-off container
    • Jen Fraterrigo made the comment that there were no recycling bins around the tabling areas (but there were a lot of DIA blue drums), so recycling wasn't happening here. Students would bring their bottles over from the food area and go to tables. They need a recycling outlet in this area, too


    • Dining Services made 1-2 PA about recycling during the event
    • The bins had lids for the top (some of which you could not see into, some of them you could). If the bins had confusing messaging such as, "CANS ONLY" students were less likely to place bottles. It helped to take the lid off, and let students see a pile of bottles in the bin (normalizing a social behavior)
    • All of the bins had messaging on the sides saying "bottles and cans" but messaging on the side is not highly viewed by students (it would help to have messaging on top)
      • Our 20 new Coca-Cola bins have good messaging, and bottles and cans cutouts on top
    • The way the bin lids open, anything could be placed in them. We didn't see a ton of contamination, but there was some (specifically at unguarded bins). If we use bottle and can cutouts (as the Coke bins have been designed) that would emphasize what product we want recycled
    • It was absolutely necessary to constantly remind incoming students that we recycle bottles and cans, otherwise they ended up in the general trash cans. Volunteers would sort through the trash bins as was reasonably possible


    • Our volunteers were amazing! It would be beneficial to have double next year (around 20) to adequately cover the area
    • Be Orange Go Green volunteer shirts really helped volunteers stand out

    Diversion Rate

    • Volunteers did a good job routing plastic bottles to the recycling bins, but there is a lot of food waste that goes on here (post-consumer). It would be beneficial to separate food waste from regular waste from recycling...
    • Can we grind to energy the food waste?


  3. Welcome Celebration 2023 diversion rate results

    Associated Project(s): 

    From: Hulse, Daphne Lauren
    Sent: Friday, August 18, 2023 2:45 PM
    To: Etchison, Thurman B <>
    Subject: FW: today


    Hi Thurman,


    Numbers from today. From what the volunteers and I observed, having the bin guards really helped route the plastic bottles to the correct bin, so a win there. But it unfortunately is not well reflected in the weight, because of how heavy organic waste is. F&S is already strategizing for next year – maybe if we try to separate food waste from regular trash (plates, forks) from plastic bottles, and break that number down even more. Just having thoughts. I’d love to see that food waste grinded to energy, but I imagine that would be a logistically challenging one.


    Nonetheless, I think we did something great today! We made a lot of students think about their actions.


    Thank you,


    Daphne Hulse (she/her)
    Zero Waste Coordinator
    Facilities & Services | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    +1 (217) 333-7550 |

    Please consider the environment before printing an email. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act any written communication to or from university employees regarding university business is a public record and may be subject to public disclosure.




    From: Patterson, Shawn L <>
    Sent: Friday, August 18, 2023 2:36 PM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Subject: today


    Well looks like you were correct. 6%


    Total weight 2460lbs

    Recycled 140lbs



    Room for growth








  4. Coca-Cola bin updates for Welcome Celebration and Tailgate Recycling

    From: Hulse, Daphne Lauren
    Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 8:51 AM
    To: Etchison, Thurman B <>
    Subject: Welcome Celebration recycling update


    Hi Thurman,


    Quick update on the recycling efforts for this coming Friday – good news first: we should have a good turnout of student volunteers for this event.


    The complicated news: the 20 Coca-Cola bins did arrive just a few days ago, but they are unfortunately going to require some F&S modifications before they can be put to use. They’re extra sturdy (bolted down to the pallets) which is great for outdoor events, but they do not currently have any openings to put recycling in and dump it out (see picture below). We expect we’ll have to saw open the plastic top, and then they’ll be a useable bin. Coke finished designs on the wrap that will be placed over top of the bins (attached), so they have some messaging on them when we’re ready to put them to use.


    As a quick solution, we have 24-26 bottles/cans recycling bins that we can line with blue bags and put to use (picture below). It unfortunately won’t have the great messaging that the Coke bins would have, but we will have the volunteers there to help manage. Not as sturdy as our new bins will be, but I expect better than the bins that were used last year that blew around. F&S will be bringing these over to Lot 31 on Friday when they’re bringing the tables and chairs, so our volunteers can line these with blue bags and place them nearby the trash bins.


    Thank you,


    Daphne Hulse (she/her)
    Zero Waste Coordinator
    Facilities & Services | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    +1 (217) 333-7550 |

    Please consider the environment before printing an email. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act any written communication to or from university employees regarding university business is a public record and may be subject to public disclosure.

  5. 7-24-23 Internal Meeting

    On July 24, 2023 UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Bryan Johnson, Pete Varney, Julie Wurth, Steve Breitwieser, Marty Kaufmann, Daphne Hulse

    1. Football
      1. Tailgating
        1. Operation
          1. F&S staples recycling information + map to blue bags
          2. Parking supervisors will hand out the blue bags
          3. 2 dumpsters placed (Lot 31, Lot 32). Blue bags collected here
          4. Grange Grove/entrances to Memorial Stadium: Coca-Cola bins to collect loose bottles and cans
        2. Plan for one of the earlier games (Sep)
        3. Assess how first game went, revise for a later game (Oct/Nov)
        4. Post-season: assess, revise for next season
      2. Communication
        1. DIA gameday emails will include messaging about tailgate recycling
        2. Game script will call out hydration stations
        3. F&S – send campus-wide announcement (as was done for Dump and Run)?
        4. iSEE – newsletter?
      3. To do
        1. F&S scope out where the 2 dumpsters could be placed, confirm with DIA
        2. Determine placement of Coca-Cola bins: DIA recommends the 20 Coca-Cola bins are placed in Grange Grove/on the way into the stadium (portal 1 and 2)
        3. Staff recycling dumpsters to prevent them from becoming trash sites
          1. F&S may have a tent that can be used – check with Safety & Compliance
          2. iSEE does not have a tent
          3. F&S – print banners to hang on dumpsters?
            1. Green dumpster will be marked, ask Shawn Patterson
    2. Welcome Week Lunch
      1. 7 student volunteers gathered + 2 F&S staff
    3. Volunteer / giveaway t-shirts
      1. 200 green volunteer shirts – for Welcome Week, Tailgating, and other small events that may arise
      2. 300 orange giveaway shirts – for Tailgate Recycling
        1. Incentivize tailgaters to drop off their blue recycling bags
    4. Coca-Cola bins
      1. Metal framing is expected to arrive Friday 8/11
      2. Wrap renderings are being finalized, discussing on Wednesday with Jake
    5. iSEE – hydration station map live
      2. iSEE developing a video highlighting campus hydration stations for new student convocation


  6. New outdoor bins scheduled to arrive 8/11

    From: Sarah Carten <>
    Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2023 9:15 AM
    To: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>; Jake Slager <>
    Cc: Liz Doeschot <>
    Subject: RE: Rvat Containers


    Hello Daphne.  We are going to schedule to delivery the containers on 8/11 between 8am – 2pm.  If something changes and you want sooner, just let me know.  Thank you.



  7. 6-28-23 External Meeting

    Attendance: Jake Slager, Shawn Patterson, Thurman Etchison, Jen Fraterrigo, Steve Breitwieser, Travis Tate, Shreya Mahajan, Daphne Hulse

    Coke Updates:

    • Jake is now officially solely focused on colleges and universities
    • RVAT totes
      • Nothing charged for totes or for transportation
      • Chloroplast wrap and cut-outs are about $150 each x 20 = $3,000 (probably does not include transportation)
      • Keep these recycling only
      • 2-3 weeks lead time for wrap
      • Coca-Cola has the rendering for royal blue. Can make tweaks and changes
      • Couple $100 to edit or change the wrap design
      • Daphne’s to-do: Update QR code for new website
      • Make sure bins have clear messaging just for “bottles and cans”
      • These bins would be used for tailgating near to Memorial Stadium, ideally

    Reusable Cups/Bottles

    • Coke is supportive of reusable cups
      • Yeti sponsors for reusable cups
    • Making an effort to push sustainability early in the college processes
      • Encourage use of reusable bottles
      • Use tap water from filler stations
      • Cut back on waste
      • Where there are purchases, ensure that the recycling bin is used
      • Ohio State’s effort with reusable bottles has been mixed success (MyCup program)
      • Indiana did something similar. It was costly and mixed results there, too
        • Jake will get more plugged in on these programs at different schools


      • 100th year of Memorial Stadium
        • Ohio State did something similar with their 100th year
        • Sustainability can be incorporated in here, too

    Engagement opportunities

      • GoGreen - Eric Green - not a large sample size
        • Jake talked with David Watson, who is in contact with Eric
        • Shreya’s experience as a student: without the incentive behind it, it’s not going to encourage students to regularly use it
      • Looking into Rockwire Illinois App to see how we can encourage plastic reduction

    Welcome Week

    • T-shirts
      • Mid July get the quantities for the welcome week
      • Orange shirt may fit well with giveaway items for tailgating

    Bigger Conversations

    • Path forward - Be Orange Go Green, Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste, Don’t Waste
      • How do we differentiate, make it clear to the public what is what?
      • Is tailgating a fighting illini, fighting waste event?


  8. 6-26-23 Internal Meeting

    On June 26, UIUC sustainability representatives met to discuss the following:

    Attendance: Shawn Patterson, Marty Kaufmann, Thurman Etchison, Bryan Johnson, Shreya Mahajan, Naveen Reddy, Daphne Hulse

    1. Tailgating / Welcome Week

      1. Coca-Cola ordered 20 recycling bins (metal frame)

        1. Cost will come from the wraps, Jake gathering a quote

      2. Welcome Week Dining - planning meetings that zero waste could join?

        1. Moved to Grange Grove for this year

        2. Thursday, 13th at 9am next meeting (N end)

        3. Consider t-shirts for volunteers

    2. Housing Insider Newsletter

      1. Housing marketing team willing to consider sustainability submissions for consideration in their newsletters, but likely not every edition

      2. Next steps from here? Think about Eweek, iNews, GradLinks as places to include sustainability information, get the larger population thinking about sustainability

    3. Plastic waste reduction

      1. Gathering information, exploring strategies used by peer schools

      2. Aim - engaging/lighthearted

    4. Wednesday 6/28 - meeting with Coca-Cola

      1. Discuss cost of wrap for 20 bins

      2. Assess where we are at with the shared budget

      3. Discuss volunteer shirts for tailgating & explore giveaway items/incentives

      4. Discuss volunteer shirts for Welcome Week

      5. Anything else to add to the agenda for Wednesday?

  9. 6-12-23 Internal Meeting

    On June 12, UIUC sustainability representatives met to discuss the following:

    Attendance: Shreya Mahajan, Thurman Etchison, Marty Kaufmann, Julie Wurth, Steve Breitwieser, Jen Fraterrigo, Bryan Johnson, Daphne Hulse

    In progress: iCAP Zero Waste Recommendations

    • ZW010: Tailgate Recycling:
      • Transmitted to Josh Whitman – approved.
      • Next steps:
        • Meet with iSEE/DIA POC to finalize plans for fall.
        • Meet with Jake Slager to discuss incentives for the event.
        • Meet with relevant groups for after-game pickup (Grange Grove, Stadium seats)
    • ZW011: Recycling Bins at State Farm Center:
      • Transmitted to Josh Whitman and Tim Knox.

    In progress: Welcome Week 2023

    • Friday, August 18: Welcome Celebration Lunch in Lot 31. 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes.
    • Planning a recycling-focused event with the help of outdoor recycling bins from Coca-Cola and student volunteers.
    • Proposed bin: RVAT
      • Length x width x height = 47” x 39” x 40.5” (interior framing). Cannot be collapsed for storage.
      • Wrapping with Don’t Waste messaging can be collapsed for storage.
      • Transported via pallets.
      • Can be used for other outdoor purposes (recycling near Memorial Stadium entrances)
      • Cost: wraps. Jake is working on an estimate based on the quantity available.
    • Students from SECS, SSLC, Project4Less, SSC on campus over the summer
    • Next steps:
      • Where could we store these? How many could we store?

    Exploring: Housing Insider Newsletter - Sustainability Highlight

    • Conceptually similar to “Don’t Waste Wednesdays” approach – sustainability initiatives across different campus units.
    • Housing Marketing Team to determine what is feasible.
      • Chris Axtmen-Barker
    • Dining – plan for advertising sustainability initiatives in the upcoming academic year?

    Completed: Water Bottle Station Inventory

    • Encourage campus community to use reusable bottles across the locations identified.
    • Inventoried state-supported, McKinley, Illini Union/Bookstore, DIA, Housing, KCPA facilities.
    • Clarifying fancy vs simple bottle filler stations in the legend:
      • Include pictures where we post
  10. 6-1-23 External Meeting

    On June 1, 2023 UIUC representatives and Coca-Cola met to discuss the following:

    Attendance: Naveen Baarla, Jen Fraterrigo, Jake Slager, Marty Kaufmann, Shreya Mahajan, Sarah Carten, Travis Tate

    • Recycling Value Assessment - Tour

      • UIUC recognized as a best in class MRF

    • Upcoming events:

      • Welcome Week Lunch

        • Friday, August 18 Lot 31

        • After State Farm Center convocation

      • Move in week

      • Tailgate recycling (near memorial stadium)

    • Rvat

      • Bottles and cans collector

      • 4’ tall flag pole

      • 48w x 40d x 41h

      • Don’t Waste messaging

      • Could work well with lunch and tailgate recycling (near the collection sites, not near memorial stadium)

      • Tested at Kentucky Derby, test sites at retail stores

        • Jake has a follow up with the Derby tomorrow and will see how the vat use was received

      • Aluminum and steel, chloroplast material. can put a weight down to ensure that it doesn’t blow away

      • On a pallet

    • Competitive bin options

      • Could be near the memorial stadium entrances

      • Could brand it with DIA sports, football

  11. 5-1-23 Internal Meeting

    On May 1, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:


    Attendance: Julie Wurth, Marty Kaufmann, Shawn Patterson, Thurman Etchison, Bryan Johnson, Steve Breitwieser, Jen Fraterrigo, Daphne Hulse


    • External meeting with Coca-Cola canceled last week

      • Daphne to meet with Jake Slager Wednesday to discuss:

        • Heavy-duty bins to replace ‘cardboard’ bins for outdoor events (Welcome Week).

        • Football tailgate recycling plan. Make this a Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste expansion.

        • UIUC Materials Recovery Facility - Detroit Airport (DTW) wants to hear about UIUC operations.

    • Dump & Run

      • F&S and Housing communications

      • iSEE communications

  12. 120 original "Don't Waste It" bins provided for convocation, quad day, welcome week

    From: Jake Slager <>
    Sent: Monday, October 3, 2022 3:22 PM
    To: Moore, Meredith Kaye <>
    Cc: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Subject: RE: Illinois Sustainability Campaign Messaging


    Hey Meredith,


    Hope you had a great weekend too!


    I’m working on getting estimates for a bit sturdier bins, but with the attached graphics if you all could approve for sure or provide any other feedback.


    We did deliver 120 total (60 recycling, 60 trash) for convocation/quad day/welcome week, but I’m not sure who all received them and if any went to athletics. That’s part of what we need to finalize too, is how many you want replaced (or all 120), and then how to divvy them up between departments/areas of campus that need them too. My plan is to replace all that you need, and determine if we need more permanent bins anywhere such as with Athletics particularly.


    I was hoping to give Daphne a call this week quick to align on calendars for just the smaller group to meet. I know we said could keep the weekly at 330CST on Wednesdays, but I’d like to move it up if at all possible, so let me know if your all schedules could accommodate that or not please or we can chat on that quick too.


    Agenda this week can be this topic, as well as the YAH agency discovery questions/answers, and perhaps discuss the Circular Solutions audit that I’m trying to get as many details as possible for you all on too by Wednesday. Let me know anything else you want to review as ewll.


    Talk soon, thanks!







    Classified - Confidential

    From: Moore, Meredith Kaye <>
    Sent: Monday, October 3, 2022 12:14 PM
    To: Jake Slager <>
    Cc: Hulse, Daphne Lauren <>
    Subject: RE: Illinois Sustainability Campaign Messaging


    Hi Jake,


    Hope you had a great weekend. Quick question – I seem to remember that Athletics received their own shipment of the recycling/trash sets. On campus, we received 60 (30 for housing, 30 for F&S) and are wondering how many DIA received.


    We can talk about this on Wednesday, but could you give us an idea of how the “rebranding” process will work? Will all of the bins be replaced, or just a portion, with the new “Don’t Waste” messaging?




    “There are a lot of dreamers – dreaming is very important, but it’s really the dreamer and the doer. You’ve got to be the doer.” –Will Steger  

    Sustainability Programs Manager 

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)
    1101 W Peabody Drive (Suite 382), Urbana, IL, 61801
    217.333.0119 |

    Please consider the environment before printing out an email. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act any written communication to or from university employees regarding university business is a public record and may be subject to public disclosure.