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6-28-23 External Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on June 28, 2023

Attendance: Jake Slager, Shawn Patterson, Thurman Etchison, Jen Fraterrigo, Steve Breitwieser, Travis Tate, Shreya Mahajan, Daphne Hulse

Coke Updates:

  • Jake is now officially solely focused on colleges and universities
  • RVAT totes
    • Nothing charged for totes or for transportation
    • Chloroplast wrap and cut-outs are about $150 each x 20 = $3,000 (probably does not include transportation)
    • Keep these recycling only
    • 2-3 weeks lead time for wrap
    • Coca-Cola has the rendering for royal blue. Can make tweaks and changes
    • Couple $100 to edit or change the wrap design
    • Daphne’s to-do: Update QR code for new website
    • Make sure bins have clear messaging just for “bottles and cans”
    • These bins would be used for tailgating near to Memorial Stadium, ideally

Reusable Cups/Bottles

  • Coke is supportive of reusable cups
    • Yeti sponsors for reusable cups
  • Making an effort to push sustainability early in the college processes
    • Encourage use of reusable bottles
    • Use tap water from filler stations
    • Cut back on waste
    • Where there are purchases, ensure that the recycling bin is used
    • Ohio State’s effort with reusable bottles has been mixed success (MyCup program)
    • Indiana did something similar. It was costly and mixed results there, too
      • Jake will get more plugged in on these programs at different schools


    • 100th year of Memorial Stadium
      • Ohio State did something similar with their 100th year
      • Sustainability can be incorporated in here, too

Engagement opportunities

    • GoGreen - Eric Green - not a large sample size
      • Jake talked with David Watson, who is in contact with Eric
      • Shreya’s experience as a student: without the incentive behind it, it’s not going to encourage students to regularly use it
    • Looking into Rockwire Illinois App to see how we can encourage plastic reduction

Welcome Week

  • T-shirts
    • Mid July get the quantities for the welcome week
    • Orange shirt may fit well with giveaway items for tailgating

Bigger Conversations

  • Path forward - Be Orange Go Green, Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste, Don’t Waste
    • How do we differentiate, make it clear to the public what is what?
    • Is tailgating a fighting illini, fighting waste event?