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6-12-23 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on June 12, 2023

On June 12, UIUC sustainability representatives met to discuss the following:

Attendance: Shreya Mahajan, Thurman Etchison, Marty Kaufmann, Julie Wurth, Steve Breitwieser, Jen Fraterrigo, Bryan Johnson, Daphne Hulse

In progress: iCAP Zero Waste Recommendations

  • ZW010: Tailgate Recycling:
    • Transmitted to Josh Whitman – approved.
    • Next steps:
      • Meet with iSEE/DIA POC to finalize plans for fall.
      • Meet with Jake Slager to discuss incentives for the event.
      • Meet with relevant groups for after-game pickup (Grange Grove, Stadium seats)
  • ZW011: Recycling Bins at State Farm Center:
    • Transmitted to Josh Whitman and Tim Knox.

In progress: Welcome Week 2023

  • Friday, August 18: Welcome Celebration Lunch in Lot 31. 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Planning a recycling-focused event with the help of outdoor recycling bins from Coca-Cola and student volunteers.
  • Proposed bin: RVAT
    • Length x width x height = 47” x 39” x 40.5” (interior framing). Cannot be collapsed for storage.
    • Wrapping with Don’t Waste messaging can be collapsed for storage.
    • Transported via pallets.
    • Can be used for other outdoor purposes (recycling near Memorial Stadium entrances)
    • Cost: wraps. Jake is working on an estimate based on the quantity available.
  • Students from SECS, SSLC, Project4Less, SSC on campus over the summer
  • Next steps:
    • Where could we store these? How many could we store?

Exploring: Housing Insider Newsletter - Sustainability Highlight

  • Conceptually similar to “Don’t Waste Wednesdays” approach – sustainability initiatives across different campus units.
  • Housing Marketing Team to determine what is feasible.
    • Chris Axtmen-Barker
  • Dining – plan for advertising sustainability initiatives in the upcoming academic year?

Completed: Water Bottle Station Inventory

  • Encourage campus community to use reusable bottles across the locations identified.
  • Inventoried state-supported, McKinley, Illini Union/Bookstore, DIA, Housing, KCPA facilities.
  • Clarifying fancy vs simple bottle filler stations in the legend:
    • Include pictures where we post