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6-26-23 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on June 26, 2023

On June 26, UIUC sustainability representatives met to discuss the following:

Attendance: Shawn Patterson, Marty Kaufmann, Thurman Etchison, Bryan Johnson, Shreya Mahajan, Naveen Reddy, Daphne Hulse

  1. Tailgating / Welcome Week

    1. Coca-Cola ordered 20 recycling bins (metal frame)

      1. Cost will come from the wraps, Jake gathering a quote

    2. Welcome Week Dining - planning meetings that zero waste could join?

      1. Moved to Grange Grove for this year

      2. Thursday, 13th at 9am next meeting (N end)

      3. Consider t-shirts for volunteers

  2. Housing Insider Newsletter

    1. Housing marketing team willing to consider sustainability submissions for consideration in their newsletters, but likely not every edition

    2. Next steps from here? Think about Eweek, iNews, GradLinks as places to include sustainability information, get the larger population thinking about sustainability

  3. Plastic waste reduction

    1. Gathering information, exploring strategies used by peer schools

    2. Aim - engaging/lighthearted

  4. Wednesday 6/28 - meeting with Coca-Cola

    1. Discuss cost of wrap for 20 bins

    2. Assess where we are at with the shared budget

    3. Discuss volunteer shirts for tailgating & explore giveaway items/incentives

    4. Discuss volunteer shirts for Welcome Week

    5. Anything else to add to the agenda for Wednesday?