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5-1-23 Internal Meeting

Posted by Daphne Hulse on May 1, 2023

On May 1, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:


Attendance: Julie Wurth, Marty Kaufmann, Shawn Patterson, Thurman Etchison, Bryan Johnson, Steve Breitwieser, Jen Fraterrigo, Daphne Hulse


  • External meeting with Coca-Cola canceled last week

    • Daphne to meet with Jake Slager Wednesday to discuss:

      • Heavy-duty bins to replace ‘cardboard’ bins for outdoor events (Welcome Week).

      • Football tailgate recycling plan. Make this a Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste expansion.

      • UIUC Materials Recovery Facility - Detroit Airport (DTW) wants to hear about UIUC operations.

  • Dump & Run

    • F&S and Housing communications

    • iSEE communications