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Meeting with Jen and Morgan - Commuter Program and Emergency Ride Home

Posted by Sarthak Prasad on May 24, 2023

Please see attached the meeting notes from our meeting on May 22, 2023. Attended by: Morgan White, Stacey DeLorenzo, Sarthak Prasad, Jennifer Fraterrigo

Major talking points:

  • Emergency/Guaranteed Ride Home program is like an insurance program
  • Concern - program funding for itself
  • Ride sharing
  • Carpool options
  • Three types of programs:
    • Celebrate those who active mode of transportation
    • Those who relinquish their parking pass (Commuter Program)
    • Emergency Ride Home Program

Action items for Sarthak:

  • Ask Maria McMullen (Parking) – if there is a carpool permit and how does it work
  • Ask Yanfeng about the Vanpool survey
  • Have other universities done a study or a review of the ERH program
    • Whether there is a desire/demand for ERH now that there are Uber/Lyft and other programs
    • Have they evaluated their program?
    • If not, do a survey on campus
  • talk to Advancements/Corporate Relations about Uber/Lyft (benefits/free)
    • Try and get a phone call with Barlo Levold
  • Fact Sheet for all the different programs that support the car free lifestyle
    • Arent you glad, you dont have a car
    • Maybe work with a student group to make it a little
  • Ask Veo and ZipCar if the participants used their services
  • Ask for feedback from the participants
  • Extend the pilot through to December
  • Ask for feedback in fall
    • Not reopen the enrollment
  • Talk to Parking
  • Ask all parking permit holders if they may be interested in this program