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Meeting with project leader and F&S

Posted by Morgan White on February 8, 2021

Izabelle Jaquet met with Morgan White and Brent Lewis at F&S to talk about the steps forward for the meadow at Orchard Downs project.  Izabelle is the project leader, in the RSO, From the Ground Up, which meets weekly on Sundays.  She had previously talked with Jamie Ellis (from INHS) and Eric Green (the RSO's advisor), after taking over the project when Nicole Gamble left campus.

We shared related files, including the attached file Brent had from a discussion with Housing back in 2019. We also discussed possible opportunities for collaboration, with groups like Red Bison and the Master Naturalists. There is also a possiblity that From the Ground Up may request a scope change to focus on a smaller section of the low-mow zone and a schedule extension due to the difficulty with coordianting events during the pandemic.

Izabelle is going to work with her group to finalize their list of proposed plants, reach out to potential collaborative partners, and identify who should be included in a follow up call with F&S and INHS in late February. 

Attached Files