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Meeting set with OBFS

Posted by Morgan White on December 18, 2013

Cindy Klein-Banai from UIC reached out to Jim Martinie and Ginger Velazquez at OBFS about train travel. "One recommendation of the Transportation subcommittee falls within the purview of OBFS. It is to modify the University Travel Policy to create incentives to use Amtrak rail.  Doing so would decrease University costs, offer improved safety, and provide environmental benefits in comparison to traveling by automobile.  We have been in touch with Heather Haberaecker, Executive Assistant Vice President for Business and Finance at UIC, who expressed her interest in the use of Amtrak between Chicago, Urbana-Champaign and Springfield..." 

Ben McCall will be joining the call, as well as Stephanie Lage and Morgan Johnston.  Ben added the following note to Cindy's comments: "In addition to the issue of travel between our campuses, there is also the broader issue that our university's travel policies seem to actually forbid the use of rail travel unless it is cheaper than air travel (while ignoring climate impacts completely)."

Cindy's office is setting up a conference call for January 23 at 3pm.