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Notes from discussion with Central Stores

Posted by Morgan White on December 6, 2013

Ken Merrill gave an example of paper purchases:

This year he has purchased 33,500 reams of virgin paper, 1073 reams with 30% recycled content, and 180 with 100% recycled content.  The means for this year 96.4 of the paper purchased through Central Stores has no recycled content. 

  • Computer purchasing commitment for EPEAT products does not exist although some colleges may have one.
  • Vendor Code of Conduct – Ken does not know of one.
  • Environmental Indicators for purchasing – None other than possibly regarding diversity.
  • Uses Life-Cycle Analysis – No
  • Incorporate disposal costs into the product costs – No
  • Minimum recycling standards – No
  • Green Cleaning Products – Yes, everything is green seal certified

He said he was happy to purchase whatever the units want, but they have to want it.