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Potential FY15 project

Posted by Morgan White on April 2, 2014

Ben,      The first thing that comes to mind for me is: what do we need to do to get some solar installed on campus roofs?   I think there is a lot of potential, but also a lot of hurdles.  For example, which roofs can support the weight of the modules?   Which can be reinforced to support the extra weight?    This is a nice mechanical engineering problem.         This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  I think there are many hurdles to installing solar on roofs, but I am sure some roofs are going to be able to jump these hurdles with some study.  F & S has already had some requests for installing solar on roofs, so they problem already have a list of things they need to understand before they would be comfortable with proceeding with such a project.      I intend to spend some time on this issue in the coming months myself, along with my SWATeam.   Scott Willenbrock