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potential water reuse at NCPD

Posted by Morgan White on June 8, 2013

From: Lev, James R
Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2013 8:21 AM
To: Reeser, Doris Jean
Cc: Kim, Qu; Bundren, Brian Christopher; Johnston, Morgan B
Subject: U13038 NCPD - install solar array - conceputualization (U-1937)

We have an opportunity in this project at the Parking Deck that I want to put on the table right away as it could affect the other projects underway on the ground floor of the building. 

the parking deck solar array project will provide energy capacity to the ECE project in its goal to achieve net Zero status.  it will also provide power for new LED lighting throughout the parking deck. 

We will be collecting or harvesting rainwater from the proposed solar array project on the top parking deck.  at this time the plan is to direct the water directly into the drainage system for the building.  this would be the sanitary system since the water on the decks have runoff from vehicles.     

At little expense this water could be redirected and used for irrigation or flushing toilets on the ground floor.  this would require some storage capacity somewhere in the structure and some alteration to the water supply piping.   splitting the water supply piping between potable water and flushing water would need to be done now for that option to be used on the first floor..   otherwise this potential use of harvested water could be installed later.

Paul Foote has told me that there are grants available to pay for this type of conservation measure. 

Is this worth investigating at this late date in your projects?

It seems to be an opportunity that fits well with everything that is being done at the parking deck.  I felt that I should at least raise the question and not miss an opportunity for a sustainable addition to the facility.


James R. Lev AIA

Architect, Capital Planning

Facilities & Services

University of Illinois

Champaign, Illinois