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Preliminary notes on sustainability art

Posted by Meredith Moore on November 4, 2021

Emily Dickett, iSEE Sustainabiltiy Intern, compiled the following notes on sustainability and the arts:

Art and sustainability (

  • Sustainability present in many aspects of everyday life

  • Art is a vehicle of expression

  • Nature is one of the most common things pained

  • Nature is one of the oldest things pained

    • Landscapes in old chinese ink, drawings on ancient egyptian tombs

  • Sustainability and art can increase interest in nature/sustainability

    • Make people question norms

  • New trend of Land Art - communicate sustainability messages through the materials used and their impact on the environment

    • Ex: sculptures out of plastic

    • Promote conversations and change

How Artists Are Incorporating Sustainability Into Their Work | Yale Sustainability

  • Artwork is interpreted individually, different for each person

  • Sustainability in artwork gives people the chance to think critically about their own roles in climate change

  • Sustainability in artwork can pose an issue in a different way

    • Learn new issues through art

  • Art is symbolic and memorable

    • Make sustainability ideas stick!