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Residential Electronics Collection Event

Posted by Kejsi Ago on September 15, 2022

From: Nichole Millage <nichole.millage at>
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2022 9:13 AM
To: White, Morgan <mbwhite at>
Subject: Residential Electronics Collection Event on 10/15/22


Hi Morgan!


Our online registration is a bit slow going for the Fall Residential Electronics Collection Event on Sat, October 15th.  It probably doesn't help that there's a home football game that morning.  🙂

Are you able to help us promote this event?  Not sure if that's something you already do, but I thought I would ask.  Here's the most important info & I've also attached the postcard.  Thanks!


The online registration for Champaign County’s Fall Residential Electronics Collection Event is now open!


If you post it anywhere, please make sure that the registration website looks exactly like this when posted: (If you copy & paste the link from the website, it will have "v2/" at the end of it, & we don't want that!)

If residents do not have internet access or need assistance scheduling an appointment, they can call me at the City at 1-217-403-4780.


The actual drop off is on Saturday, October 15th at Parkland College again.  Residents should use the Duncan Rd. entrance and follow the red signs.

After residents register online, they will automatically receive a confirmation email and/or text.  And then they will receive a postcard "ticket" in the mail approximately 10 days before the event.

Full event details can be found on the registration website.


Thank you! Nichole


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