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Address Electronic Waste (e-waste) (Ongoing)


E-waste is a considerable issue at the University, as the biggest contributor to the waste stream. Since electronics becomes obsolete much more quickly than other durable goods, such as furniture, the amount of e-waste the University collects is expansive. According to Jeff Weaver, senior associate director of the Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS), a full trailer of surplus electronic equipment is sent to the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) in Springfield every three weeks, which is an estimated 191,082 lbs./ year.

The state will not accept electronics that are older than five years. The State of Illinois has, however, contracted with two state-approved electronics recyclers who take items that are five years and older. The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has also been working with the community to draft legislation to make the transfer of surplus “educationally-useful electronics” to local non-profit organizations easier.

In order to reduce e-waste it is important to consider ways to purchase less electronics along with ways to more responsibly reuse and dispose of them.

For non-campus property, e-waste solutions are tracked by Champaign County:


All university-owned electronics should go to Surplus. Electronic devices which are not redistributed on campus are sent to CMS, where they may be redistributed via iBid public auction, or the Computers for Schools donation program (see for more info on those programs). If an item is nonfunctional or is not redistributed, it is sent for recycling to one of the State’s contractors, Secure Recycling Services and Secure Processors (see

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