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Mill Shop Sawdust Recycling (Ongoing)


As part of the campus “zero waste” policy we have diverted the sawdust from the Mill shop to the Horse Farm. The Campus Mill shop uses an 8 yard dumpster to collect sawdust from its dust collection system and typically this was taken to the landfill when full. After careful consideration of the fact that some woods are toxic to horses, arrangements were made to transport the sawdust to the Horse Farm. Identification procedures are being used to communicate with the transport driver, letting him know when toxic type woods are present in the sawdust indicating this load is to be taken to an alternate site. Alternate site has yet to be determined.

This will keep the sawdust out of the landfill and reduce the amount of sawdust purchased for the Horse Farm. The alternate sites being considered are crop sciences for planting soil mixing or composting, and campus grounds department for mulch or other ornamental uses.

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